Xbox One controller detected but driver not activated

I installed xpad driver, in the YaST Hardware Info i can find the controller name under USB but it says that the driver is not activated. The controller’s led is off and i can’t use it. I’m new with OpenSUSE (KDE), i used Mint until yesterday, so i don’t know the commands.
Tnx in advance. (っ◕‿◕)っ :heart:

First check if xpad module was loaded

lsmod | grep xpad

… then if there is nothing then you need to activate the kernel module - execute following command as root:

modprobe xpad

The module should be loaded and Xbox One controller should be detected. As far as I know this works only with Xbox One controller connected via USB cable (wireless controller is still not working). Tested with Mark of the Ninja and Skyforce. Some games like Bioshock Infinite did not detected Xbox One controller. Anyway for better games compatibility it’s better to use good old xbox360 controller.

If above steps did not help, you can try to install xpad from github:
(before you begin uninstall previous xpad). You will need git and dkms installed.

Hope this help you, cheers !