xbox 360


Since an few weeks i’m using opensuse 11.1
Before that i was a windows user.
I’ve learned a lot about the OS, cursed a lot and reinstalled a lot, but now it’s working fine.
The only thing i can’t find out, is how i can stream media to my xbox 360 with opensuse 11.1
I don’t have windows anymore, so there’s no possibility to use that.
I also tried to install wine on my pc,because i wanted to use tversity for streaming media files to the xbox 360.
But i don’t see how wine works.
The reason why i wan’t to use tversity, is because it was the only solution on windows i found, to stream my subtitle files .srt in combination with movies to the xbox 360.

Is there a way to do the same with opensuse 11.1?

I think VLC (available from the packman repository) can do what you
have a browse of the VLC forum as well.

I have a Linksys NAS200 which has twonkymedia built in for streaming to
my xbox360. So you could try that, it’s not a free application but
you can download a trial.

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Ok, i’ll try and let you know.