x86 Or x86_64?

Hey all,

Noobie question for all of you, im got a PC with an AMD Athlon 64, the 3200+. Im running a 32 bit Suse 10.x.
I dont know exactly with one, I kinda need to findout which exact version i have, and also, which type of driver should i compile? An IA 32, x86 or x86_64?
i386, i586? Im kinda confuzed on all of them terms.

uname -a in a console will give you the answer. What driver are you trying to compile ? you may be able to find an rpm for it


There is no x86 arch name, the two major family names for Intel/AMD/Via processors are i[3456]86 and x86_64. These days all the 32-bit processors except the i686 are legacy models. The differences are in the instruction sets, with more instructions being added as one goes from 386 to 686. But you will still see i386 as the generic name of the family.

x86_64 processors can execute i?86 code, but not the converse. If a processor ls labelled something 64, it’s 64-bit. But some multicore processors are still 32-bit only you can only tell by searching for the model specs at the mfr’s site.

If you are running a 32-bit OS, you need to compile to 32-bit code, no matter whether the width of your processor is.

Generally you do not need to compile a driver unless you cannot get a binary any other way.