X11Fordwarding slow to new desktop running openSUSE 12.3


I have just assembled a new desktop and installed openSUSE 12.3. This is to replace an old box running openSUSE 11.4.

Now the thing is that X11Forwarding is really slow on the new box. If I use ssh -Y -C it’s somewhat faster but not as the old box.

The machines are on the same network so router and such are the same.

The new machine has a Gbps network card while the old only has 100Mbps.

I have copied files between the boxes and TP is around 80Mbps so that shouldn’t be a problem…


(BTW I searched the forum and found one other post with same problem but without any replies…)


Just to add some findings and clearifications.

The tests have been done with my laptop. The poor performance is when I only have wifi enabled on the laptop. If I connect with a wire, Gbps, there are no problems with performance.

And there are never any issues connecting to the old server, wifi or cable.