'x11failsafe' parameter. Xperts, some help!

Just discovering Linux.
I ran into a problem the moment i installed 11.1. The GUI wouldn’t show up (ctrl+alt+f2 yeilded a black screen with a blinking underscore).

Failsafe worked fine, though.

So, i tried entering, one by one, every parameter that was entered in the failsafe boot options. Entering ‘x11failsafe’ gave me a flawless GUI. So, i opened the ‘/boot/grub/menu.lst’ file and added this parameter in the ‘showopts’ of the normal mode, to make it permanent.

Fine. Now, what exactly have i done?

Note- I use an NVidia 8000 series Graphic card. I’ll post more details if you need them.

PS- These threads talk about the same issue, but i can’t see a solution (if, indeed, there is a problem):
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Installed Graphic Card drivers. Parameter no longer needed.
Nevertheless, what does “x11failsafe” mean? A special (low-end) X server configuration for Failsafe, is it…

It uses the VESA driver instead of nv for nVidia or ati/radeon/radeonhd for ATI.

I downloaded the KDE Partition Manager Live CD recently. It’s GUI refused to show too. I tried the "x11failsfe"parameter, but i don’t think it was recognized.

Is there another general boot argument, used more or less universally, that launches the X server with the basic VESA driver?

Is “xmodule=vesa” the parameter i’m looking for?