~/X11:/XGL and GNOME:/Factory: cleaned/removed problems.

As stated here:

~/X11:/XGL has has been removed.
Compiz has been moved to ~/X11:/Compiz

This of course causes the necessary havoc for many users.

The next thing I learned is that ~/GNONE:/Factory: must have contained nautilus-2.30.1-103.4 at some time around July 10th, 2010. It is installed on one of my systems and the zypper log states GNOME:Factory. For some reason this file (and others) have disappeared from the repository as well. This means that the only thing that can be done on some of the systems is downgrade to make sure all systems run the same software.

What is the rationale behind these changes?

janknepper wrote:
> What is the rationale behind these changes?

the Factory repo is where ‘they’ build the next version of
openSUSE (11.4)…

as such you must consider it to be, at any instant, VERY
unstable…always moving, always getting better (hopefully, but often
BIG BUGS creep into the soup)…

it should NEVER be added to any system used for “production”
purposes–unless, of course, if you understand the possible consequences…

even if you are just ‘producing’ a letter to Aunt Tillie!!

only experienced Linux gurus who WISH to do software testing on VERY
BETA code should use Factory…ymmv.

does that help you understand the rational for the changes you reported?

CAVEAT: http://is.gd/bpoMD [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]