X11:MATE - Merge with codebase 1.5

Dear all,

The X11:MATE repository was with MATE 1.4 packages and though things were working, they were far from perfect; MATE is going under a lot of deep changes which involve:

  • Drop Bonobo/ORBit (CORBA implementation) and replace with DBus;
  • Drop mateconf-2.0 (gconf fork) and replace with glib-2.0 GSettings;
  • Add support for systemd-login
  • Fix bugs and implement cycle defined features

As we speak the MATE 1.5 codebase is rebuilding in X11:MATE. For the time being the dropped packages won’t be obsoleted (during the 1.5 cycle), but when we update to MATE 1.6, the obsoleted packages will be wiped. During the 1.6 cycle nothing should be using CORBA/mateconf-2.0 anymore.

I understand this transiction might not be perfect for a few users (mainly people who run other provides applets), but that’s the way it needs to. Also an image will be made available soon with openSUSE 12.2 and MATE pre-installed (no other desktop).

Any problems should be reported to me. The new pattern is already live!

Also an image will be made available soon with openSUSE 12.2 and MATE pre-installed (no other desktop).

That’s great news

Very neat, thanks for the heads up.

I tried MATE 1.4 on an existing OS 12.2 Xfce laptop. Most of it worked fine. Missed the ability to share directories using the file manger like with Nautilus-Share and had a hard time to move and merge the Taskbar with one at the bottom of the screen to gain some screen real estate and make the entrenched OS 11.4 Gnome 2 users in my home happy. Also the screen background color did not change after setting a different color within the configuration menu.

What is the recommended (best) way to do a Fresh Install on bare iron of OS 12.2 with Mate Desktop?



My recommendation would be:

  1. Install a openSUSE 12.2 GNOME Live CD (GNOME 3.4);
  2. Edit /etc/zypp/zypper.conf and make sure you have this line uncommented and like this:
installRecommends = no
  1. Update the system with:
 sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper update 
  1. Install MATE by clicking on the X11:MATE link for openSUSE 12.2 in Portal:MATE - openSUSE
  2. Reboot

From this point on you can remove GNOME3 stuff you dont want. This isn’t really clean but works ok.

In a week or two I’ll get an image available. Please keep in mind that the update to 1.5 has removed a few features that are going to be introduced once they are ported, so every week you will receive updates one or two times with the latest fixes and new packages.

It’d be nice to see Mate as an install option in 12.3

I’ll look forward to trying the images

Well the 1.6 release should be done in time for integration; then we have to show the Release Team that MATE follows all the guidelines and has a proper integration. In addition this also means we must ensure that it is maintained beyond 12.3. Once we have all the 1.5 codebase in the repo building it will be easier. At the moment the current update to 1.5 moved things back a bit, but things will be restored quickly :slight_smile:

Once I have all stuff ready I’ll ping coolo again. I think someone on the Release Team is currently testing it too :slight_smile:

By the issue I’ve issued an update now to mate-control-center which fixes hopefully the errant behavior in Appearance Properties and wallpapers. Feedback is welcome.

Tried version 1.5. ‘Caja’, ‘mate setting daemon’, ‘dconfig service’ and ‘d-bus daemon’ show in ‘top’ 75% CPU utilization with a 3,000 Ghz quad core x86-64 box.