X11 freeze?

I installed suse 11.3 a week ago previously having 11.0 and kubuntu lucid working fine. My hardware has not changed.

As of today X keeps freezing - the mouse pointer mouse erratically or freezes or dissappears, windows freeze (eg top freezes) and sometime (I think) keyboard events are getting lost so there are missing characters if I keep typing.

At the same time one CPU (dual core processor) goes to 100% usage and this is reflected in top as Xorg using 100% CPU. The freezes last 1-4 seconds and are occurring every few 15-30 seconds on a random but regular basis.

Obvs is making the computer difficult to use. My GPU is also running ery hot (nog charsI type - this is part of the fault) (but the fan doesn’t seem to be throttled up to high, the fan is running though).

dmesg reports nothing.

I have an NVIDIA GTS dua using the nvidia driver and suse 11.3 updated as of yesterday. I am all out of diagnostics - anyone got any clues?



removing the nvidia driver and reinstalling it seems to have done the trick

Scratch that - I turned the computer on today and the problem is back and really irritating. I think the hot GPU might be a red herring as I have had many free and the GPU temperature is still low.

Unusually the CPU spikes associated with the freezes affect only one of the CPUs - these spikes never affect CPU0. I’m at a loss to explain what is going on.

I have installed the latest nvidia driver by hand - so far so good but I have tiny but regular spikes in the both CPUs which I don’t recall before suse 11.3 but not freezes yet. But as “reinstalling” worked last night I think there might be an element of chance so time will tell.

Hello, the freezes are already known and our friends from the community and the engineers are going to work on it: