X window problem

hello every one

i have been trying to run apache2 at start up as a system service

so i 've been playing with the run level editor

the next time i boot in my gui system didn’t start at all i got the console prompt asking for log-in user and password

however i was able to start the x gui system after logging in as root using the “xstart” command but i want it started before i log in so i can get the normal gui log-in window

here’s a screen shoot of my run level editor


ok world

i have the following services

xdm disabled runlevel = 5
xdm.orig disabled runlevel = nothing

i need to enable the xdm to start just after booting

Mine (in detail mode) says, at top) 5: Full multiuser with network and display manager;

When on the xdm line, at the bottom (service will be started in following runlevels) = 5 (with an “X”)

After setting it and “OK”, a reboot should go straight through to the desktop.

Does this help?