X sucking up the CPU juice.

Opensuse 11.1 just seems a little sluggish to me when compared to 11.0

Looking in System Monitor X seems to be using a lot of CPU time.
Just scrolling in system monitor the cpu usage jumps to 80 - 100%

Same thing in a clean install of 11.0 the cpu never gets near 50%

Anybody else noticing this?

Tested in both KDE 3.5.xx and 4.1.xx

No, never.
Though I have read similar reports in the forum.

Have search see what you find out.

Should have mentioned - using integrated intel video 915G

Would be nice if could install an older version of X but not sure how to go about that.

I have intel on my laptop, see sig:

you could try adding this repo
Index of /repositories/X11:/XOrg/openSUSE_11.1

What’s the difference between this repo and the official repos ?

Backport of the factory version ?

I’m new to SuSE so I don’t understand every thing about this