X server won't start

When I try to boot into Suse like usual, instead of going into the Gnome GUI it brings up the command prompt and above this it has various warnings about GDMDisplay lasted .13 or how ever many seconds and after a couple of these warnings int says maximum number of X display failures reached. Then it says it has reached runlevel 5 but it skipped services.

Typing startx didn’t work and it says no devices found after trying startx.

In boot.msg it says
Inspecting /boot/system.map-
Cannot find map file
No module symbols loaded-kernel modules not enabled
module license ‘NVIDIA’ taints kernel

and further down
System Boot Control: The system has been set-up
Failed Features: boot.apparmor
Skipped features: boot.md boot.cycle

and more towards the bottom
Starting SAMBA NMB daemon done
Not starting NFS client services-no NFS found in /etc/fstab:unused

and finally at the bottom it has
skipped services in runlevel 5-nfs
<notice> kill proc: kill(2081,3)

The only changes I’ve made recently is installing new driver software for my NVIDIA GeForce G 105M graphics card, but I had rebooted several times since I did that last week and didn’t have any problems until today.

Also, there was only one thing I did the last time I was in Suse right before it stopped working which was to install an SSH client, which seemed to work fine, but the next time I rebooted I got the above error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more information if necessary also.

When you get the terminal console login as root and try re-configuring X. Type sax2 and see what happens when you reconfigure X. at the end, exit and type startx.
if it works, either logout and type init 5 to get a graphic login or reboot.
If this doesn’t work use yast to uninstall the SSH client.