X server not working ? or advanced options have bad config ?

When I try to change on option of keyboard hotkeys or the desktop change effect, a window open and displays (I display it in spanish first to translate it later):

No se han podido activar los efectos del escritorio utilizando las opciones de configuración que ha proporcionado. Los ajustes se restablecerán a sus valores anteriores.

Verifique la configuración del servidor X. También debería considerar cambiar las opciones avanzadas, en especial cambiar el tipo de composición.
Desktop effects could not be activated using the options of configuration that it has provided. The adjustments will be restored to his previous values.

Verify the configuration of the X server. Also you should consider to change the advanced options, especially change the type of composition.

Any one knows what this is about ?



I have the same issue for a long time. It means that there are issues with your video driver configuration or other things which needs to be corrected. How? I wish I know but didn’t get the time to search for it. Most probably taking a copy of the Xorg.conf and some other files and then start from a console view to reconfigure the driver. Maybe someone else can step in to help you. However there are some posts/stickies which discuss this as I recall. Anyway more info needs to be provided (like the content of your Xorg.conf and any error messages you can find related to this(/var/log/messages ) and other log files.
Good Luck!