Hei all,

I recently (discovered it about three weeks ago) have had some major increase in x-runs,just by starting qjackctl it comes out a couple every ten seconds. I have not used my pc as a DAW for a couple of months and haven’t done anything to my system except updating from ‘update’ and ‘packman’. I suppose it is related with some updates or possibly hardware failure. Though, hardware wise it seemingly (and hopefully) performs as usual, thus, I bet on an interrupt of some kind. However, I have no clue of how to diagnose this.

So, anyone having some knowledge about this?

I reinstalled the system and the problem remains. But I forgot to test the system before I ran update, which of course I should have done.


Okay, this isn’t Windows, so no need to reinstall to fix problems. Even in Windows this is a bad habit. What you want to start with is your logs. Look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log

If you want us to look at it, use patebin and pate the results there and copy the link here.

I’m running qjackctl, jack, with qsynth on 11.2 KDE and Gnome as separate systems. What about you?

I am not getting x-runs on either now. Check the source of your qjackctl and jack packages. IIRC I had problems when one of them (qjackctl I think) was from packman and the other (jack) was from oss repo, downgrading to the oss version fixed it.

AFAIK, these x-runs are to do with audio and latency problems, but not X. Hence the OP’s reference to DAW - digital audio workstation. :\


I shall try confused suggestion.


I downgraded qjackctl and, voilà, jack runs fine.

Thank you confused I’m very grateful! This has been a source for frustration, and I have had little spare-time to use on problem solving.

Anyhow, I should have had a hunch about it as I know that the packager Toni at Packman has an ongoing conflict with Ardour and Jack developers and, consequently, refuses to pack those apps. Qjackctl, I presume, is an independent project.

At present it is a bit of a sad situation for all who work with audio as this, I suppose, is an easy trap to walk into.


Sorry for continuously having misspelled your name consused:)

No problem, some people just get “confused”. :wink:

Glad it was a simple fix. Mine was the first time I hit the problem (trap) not too long ago, and it was on a new install.