*****X recompile/reinstall

I recently installed *****X, but I may have made a mistake while I was compiling it.
How do I completely remove it and start from scratch? Also, is there a good set of instructions for compiling it on tumbleweed? (confused about whether to use gmake or make and what syntax to use, I want ssl, and plugins)

locate *****X

locate *****x


Removing the source should be easy enough. So I assume you are asking about removing the installed files.

You pretty much have to identify them all and manually remove them. Most of the installed files probably have a time stamp at near the same time. You can use that to try to find them.

When I have built from sources, my usual practice has been to install the application in its own directory tree, then perhaps add shell script to the standard path to invoke it. The shell script would modify the path on the fly (but that only affects when running that script), so that stuff works. It’s easier to clean up that way, and it is less likely to accidentally clobber something else.

Did you start with a search at software.opensuse.org? Often people use the openbuild system for their private projects, and leave an installable version around so that you don’t have to compile yourself.

Many project’s Makefiles also contain an “uninstall” target, especially those that use autoconf/automake and friends.
So running “sudo make uninstall” in the source directory (instead of “sudo make install”) might remove all installed files…

What is odd is I can’t find *****X’s source dir, it appears to be usr/bin/*****X when i run locate, but apparently that isn’t a dir, just an executable.
Something else shows up under locate (/usr/bin/*****X → *****X-1.2.1

Yes. /usr/bin/ is for executables, not source code.

Something else shows up under locate (/usr/bin/*****X → *****X-1.2.1

That’s a symlink, not a directory.
It’s there so that you can run the program with just *****X instead of *****X-1.2.1.

You should know yourself where you extracted the source code to before you compiled it, no?
CD into that directory and type “sudo make uninstall”.

If you deleted it already, well, bad luck. You have to remove the files manually then.
Or you could redownload it, “configure” it with the same options as before, and then run “make uninstall”.