X-REBIRTH linux v4.30 - KDE - PAV won't switch source device

I installed linux x-rebirth and both extensions. When I click on the desktop icon, it starts up and has no sound. Using alt-tab, I exit. I launch PAV and it shows monitor and sound card under tab output devices. Clicking on playback, I try to change the port to HDMI monitor sound from sound card. It will not change it. Also, I am able to switch back and forth from sound card to HDMI monitor on the Firefox application.

I installed x-rebirth in normal user mode.

The command line output displays this.

(pavucontrol:4142): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:83:29: The style property GtkStatusbar:shadow-type is deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore. It will be removed in a future version

Need help.

Looks like x-rebirth can be installed a number of different ways.
You’ll have to describe

Where your install came from
What guide you may be following to install

The GTK error you’re getting only maybe could be relevant… The error is more specifically likely related to displaying graphics but might affect other things as well.

This thread probably should be in the Games forum…


I’ll re-post it there. End topic here.