x.org multihead custom setup - question


I am posting this question, seeking support for a matter that troubles me for a couple of weeks already. I am a newbie in the linux advanced topics so bear with me. Also i hope i am posting in the correct section

I am operating over a openSUSE 13.2 64bit running machine, with a GeForce 650GTX video card. For the video card i am using the NVIDIA proprietary driver. I will not extend the list of remaining hardware since my problem stays on the graphic configuration. My videocard has 2 DVI exits and one HDMI which is connected to the TV set. For the TV set i am using KODI (formerly known as XBMC), for the PC work i am using two displays. By luck all three devices are running on the same resolution

Due KODI’s limitation in outputting the video signal i need to keep an separate dedicated x for the hdmi / tv screen. Currently i am using separate x for the two DVI connected displays but the main issue encountered is the fact that i cannot move windows from one screen to the other (standard separate x behavior). I tried to set the configuration (using Nvidia X Server Settings) with both displays on a single X Screen and the HDMI device to another X Screen. Unfortunately doing so it sets the DVI devices to a TwinView state which is even more annoying than separate x. Every window, once maximized is stretched on both displays, the games are, best case scenario run on window mode and so on.

Curiously, without an xorg.conf configuration, the window maximization behavior is actually great, the windows are maximized only on the display they happen to be shown, but there is still the KODI problem, not being able to pick the user chosen output. Tried to look on the KODI forums, nothing of sort being treated over there. I guess the latest KODI build is reading the display configuration from the xorg.config file. Not having a physical one, instead running the default settings (xorg.config.d maybe) would cause these troubles. I am not sure though…

So, with the hope ive provided enough details, here is my question:

Would you be able to think at a proper solution with two xscreens , one containing the HDMI connected TV, one containing the two DVI displays, on which i can move windows from one DVI device to the other but also I can prevent them to maximize on both ?

With those being said, I can only thank you in advance for paying attention to my question. Should i be able to give more details, please let me know

Kind regards,

Which desktop?? There may be settings there you have to tweak

Open a terminal and as su
use the command


In the X Server Display Configuration
Click advance check “Enable Base Mosaic”
Then configure each monitor and the tv.
When done configuring
Save to X Configuration File.

Hope that helps.


It;s the built in KDE updated from the official OpenSUSE repositories currently up to version 4.14.9

Did you set things in configure desktop - display and monitor?? Sometime Xorg setting and desktop settings can fight each other. Note that Xorg setting are global(system) and desktop setting are personal.


tried all your advises, thank you kindly for them. either i am doing something wrong or maybe what i want to happen isn’t possible. Meanwhile the KODI dev community seems they’ve started to have this fixed. The switch feature is still not working but at least the program launches on the right output and if i don’t touch the video output thingie, the KODI remains on the HDMI output.