x-fi soundcard under OpenSuse 11

Hello, I want to ask if somebody has experience with installing / running Creative Soundblaster X-FI sound card + driver (my is XtremeGamer) under OpenSuse 11. In previous versions there were a lot of problems (i know a lot of them were caused by indifferent Creative company) and I wasn’t able to run it after weeks (so Win**** came back).
I am a noob linux user - simple “step by step” is very apreciated; lingo like “uncompile rpm, update kernel and sudo -s” is a lil’ bit unuseful :-).
Thank you for time / words… Michal Singr, CZ

I hear it’s pain in the ass.
Currently there isn’t good alsa supprot. With OSS you can get it work. There should be coming better alsa support soon.
Hope soon is not creative’s soon (few years or so)

The beta OSS driver (available from 4Front Technologies) works just fine, surprisingly; however, that only works in GNOME. KDE (both 3.x and 4.x) requires ALSA (not OSS), so I currently use an old Classic Audigy for this (I also have an X-Fi, and dual-boot with Vista) until the X-Fi support in ALSA (and thus KDE) is up to snuff.

Don’t know where you got that from PGHammer but I’ve used my x-fi in suse 10.2, 10.3 and 11 on kde desktops with the oss driver

I can assure you it definitely works with kde

Which version of KDE?

I’ve had major issues with both KDE 3.5.9 and 4.0 (I currently have the just-released 4.1 as my default desktop) with the X-Fi driver.

OSS is deprecated and should not be supported.

Infact supporting that whole business is a POOR idea - they’re open only in their name.