X fails durning install

Hi all,

I know this subject has been touched on but my problem is slightly different and I tried the advice I had found in other posts but none of them works for me so here is the problem.
I am trying to install 11.0 on my hubbies comp (installed perfectly on mine last night) but x fails to start every time. The only way I can get the live cd to get to the desktop is by using failsafe and typing sax2 -m 0=vesa. Sax shows the vid card as ATI x1300 vid so I do not understand what the problem is but error message indicates it is the vid card tho I do not remember exact message atm.

As I can only get to the desktop in failsafe I can not do the full install ( or if it can be done I have not figured out how.) Any help would be greatly appreciated and please keep it simple for me as I am VERY new to linux :slight_smile:

I am sorry but kinda of messed up first post. I guess the frustration is getting to me. The problem occurs when trying to load the LiveCD not during install. Can not even get to install point.

Sorry for the confusion

(Tried to edit first post but must be missing something as I couldn’t figure out how to edit lol)

Thanks for any help

Can you do the install at low resolution, sing the sax2 - etc etc resolution, then fix the ATI drivers in the real installation later if necessary. Perhaps als a thought: maybe the complete install DVD would carry you through in much better fashion.

I wish I could download the dvd version but unfortunately the only dvd drive we have is on our laptop so can only do that if I want to do a network install :frowning:

As far as your other suggestion, I have not been able to get Sax to do anything useful except in failsafe. Maybe I am doing something wrong here but still learning.

Thank you for your reply

It appears that after hours of trying we finally managed to get the CD to boot and are now in the process of installing. As long as we do not encounter any more problems my hubby will be enjoying 11.0 shortly.

Well GOOD LUCK and let us know how you get on

terceea wrote:

> I guess the frustration is
> getting to me.

yh my experience has been frustating so far as well coz i have been trying
to do it since last night. lol.