WUSB54GC problems : wireless adapter issues

Hey everyone, the names Mike. My dad just purchased a new Dlink Router and a Linksys wireless-g compact usb network adapter to go with it…And im having issues =

Basically im trying to get a wireless connection upstairs using a linksys adaptor through my dlink router, these are compatible, i know that much. The model brand of my liksys adaptor is WUSB54GCfyi. so here’s my problem :

I simply cant search for nearby wireless connections! I’ve installed the wizard from the installation disc over and over yet i cant launch the application. I thought that the disc file was possibly corrupted, so i downloaded and installed the version from the site, yet the same issue occurred. And now because of this, i cant connect wirelessly.

I seriously dont understand whats going on… I’m running on windows xp 64… is it just that it’s uncompatible with this version of windows? if so, is there any other software that can detect my wireless router?

Any suggestions on what i should do? because best buy wont give me my money back…

thanks alot in advance.

Mike :slight_smile:

hmm, we prefer openSuSE problems here,but, we do answer some windows problems. My guess would be, you probably did not install the 64bit drivers