wubi like installer for open suse?

is their a wubi like installer so i can try open suse without partitions?

No, there isn’t.

You can do something similar to that.
Use VirtualBox.

Not quite the same thing. VB runs Linux inside a VM, the host OS is still taking up RAM. Wubi installs a Linux partition into a Windows file and adds an entry to the Windows boot menu to boot Linux. Once booted, only Linux is running, mounting the filesystem via a loopback mount. Good for getting users over from the dark side. :slight_smile:

It is possible to arrange something like this for openSUSE but one would have to do all the prep oneself; I have done something similar to Wubi for Puppy Linux, resulting in a machine that either boots W98 or Puppy.

So the answer is no, nothing like Wubi exists for openSUSE off the shelf.

Hello Ken_yap ,

Could you please contact me at kusum18 at gmail.com as i wish to know how you implemented a similar concept over w98 and puppy linux . Please email me at kusum18 at gmail.com as i could not get your email address.

You can find the details here:

The Lin’N’WinNewB Project

I notice that 11.2 has these files in the top directory of the DVD:


I think they start an install from Windows but I’ve never tried them. I don’t think they put an openSUSE instance inside a filesystem in a Windows file.