Just installed opensuse tumbleweed today and really like it’s speed. Having trouble adding software using Yast2. I get a message Warning The disk space in partition /run/media/rich/New/040Volume is nearly exhausted. Do you want to continue with the installation? I have over 16G free space and I looked for this and found /run/media/rich but no New/040Volume. Is this a bug?

Hello and welcome,

A better title for this topic would be nice.

There is a space in the volume’s label, which is unfortunately converted in /040 and should not.

A workaround is to disconnect the volume if it’s a removable device, or to remove the space character in its label (with GParted for example).
Installation should be ok anyway if you decide to ignore the warning.

The bug may come from libzypp. I’m not sure, I don’t have the time to investigate now nor to report the bug. Feel free to do it :wink: