WTF ... is 11.2 crazy or what?!

Sorry, not the most descriptive title ever; let me expand …
So I downloaded and installed KDE4.whatever with Suse11.2 and although it looks nice, I can’t seem to do anything!

  1. Trying to complete the online registration via Yast
    Gets as far as opening a browser to register but the page I am directed to has a single “continue” button which is “onclick=window.close” so as soon as it’s clicked, it closes. The yast window then opens a browser window to the same page. It then goes into an infinate loop (or at least, I presume so, not having hung around that long, just 5 or 6 loops!)

  2. Not able to add ANY online repos, NVIDIA, Packman, NOTHING!
    Times out yet DNS is working OK and so is my internet - I am writing this post using the same PC.

  3. I can’t do any of the YMP files such as restricted formats or codecs so unable to do ANYTHING … oh and the graphics suck too because I can’t add the NVIDIA repo to get the better drivers!

Anyone else experiencing these or similar issues?!
Please tell me I am not alone!!!

AFAIK The registration does not work never did for me but that is should not be needed.

The problem is why you can’t add or see repositories.

Yu might try some mirrors that may be closer. Also be sure you turn off IVP6 Some ISP’s just are not up to date.

How To Disable ipv6 on SuSE Linux | Linux Poison

  1. Not necessary

  2. Probably you need to change your network setting and manually enter the DNS info for your ISP

Hi guys
Thanks for the suggestions

  1. I will skip, thanks!
  2. The DNS is working as I can PING/TRACEROUTE and BROWSE using DNS name and/or IP address (this was one of the first things I checked!)

I will see if I can disable IPV6 but I found an interesting “The Perfect Desktop - Suse 11.2 GNOME” tutorial which I might give a whirl … thanks for the suggestions though, appreciated!

Those ‘perfect desktop’ or ‘perfect server’ guides are total trash - most of them have outright horrible kludges that no one should ever use.