Wrong password encryption (openSUSE 11.0)?


I installed openSUSE 11.0 on 5 machines (physical / virtual) with different types of setup configurations, but there’s one thing which seems to work wrong on all of these machines:

Although I’ve chosen MD5 encryption for passwords, the system ignores this setting and uses blowfish encryption only.



I didn’t know whether it’s blowfish or DES, but after trying to use GDM on a machine, I know that it’s blowfish because I can only login after changing the /etc/default/password settings to blowfish. It seems that GDM uses these values so get the right method?!

Is this a security problem? Am I doing something wrong?
Am I searching at the wrong places?

Thanks for all helpful information.

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There’re some views on my post but no reply to it.
I think that it’s not clear what I try to achieve. :slight_smile:

It would help me a lot if one (or some) of you could just
look in the /etc/shadow on your openSuSE 11.0 machine.
If you configured your system to use MD5 password encryption
and only see short passwords (blowfish) → please let me know!


Eahrk85ODPvlY is DES.
Blowfish ones ($2a$10$yM1cRna.S8gA2y/tkLuhZuca7mJYPF5kyKzx5KTt.z0WZNvf.ieCG) are much longer. MD5 is somewhere in between that and uses $1$ for identification.

Okay, thanks. So I mixed up with DES and Blowfish.

But nevertheless it’s not MD5 as I configured it.
I’m a bit confused with what I said about GDM earlier,
but in general the problem about the wrong encryption is definitely existing.