Wrong input language, at login screen.

Hi! :slight_smile:
I just installed 13.2 x64 KDE (at an empty partition), for a test drive of the new release (as a fresh installation).

After install and reboot I’m stuck at login screen, because the input language is Greek and I can’t changed it to English, so I can’t enter my pwd.
Alt-shift doesn’t do something.

I can login as the normal user (and as root, giving “su -” afterwards), with console login option (or pressing the ctrl-alt-F1 combination).
At console login, the keyboard is properly set, to accept English characters.

Is there any config file that I need to edit (or any other way), so I can switch the login screen input language to English (so I can login at KDE)?
TIA! :wink:

Do you mean the language or the keyboard layout now?

You can set the system language in YaST->System->Language, and the system keyboard layout in YaST->Hardware->System Keyboard Layout.
Both settings should affect the login screen, but at least the language can be set in Configure Desktop (systemsettings)->Login Screen as well (might override the system language, and might even influence the keyboard layout, I’m not sure).

PS: the system keyboard layout for the X session (and the login screen) is set in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf, you might edit that manually, but it’s better to use “localectl set-x11-keymap XX” to configure that.

Indeed! THANKS!!! rotfl!
I logged in at console -> became root (su -) -> gave “yast” -> navigated (with arrows) to System Keyboard Layout -> changed (Greek -> English US) -> navigated to Quit (and confirmed) -> gave “reboot” and after rebooting everything is OK now and I can properly login to KDE! rotfl!