wrong feeling?


Recently I upgrade my OS from 13.2 to leap 42.2.

I noticed that the response time under 42.2 is much slower than that under 13.2. In principle, with the new kernel, leap 42.2 should be faster than 13.2. Isn’t it?



First: please rethink your post’s title. Feelings are never wrong IMO, but we want proof :smiley:

Please show output of

systemd-analyze blame

between CODE tags

You have not said what desktop you are using.

My personal experience: Boot up time until the KDE/Plasma 5 desktop is usable is longer (slower) than 13.2 and 42.1. But once the desktop is up, I am not noticing a difference. And shutdown seems a bit faster with 42.2.

Part of the extra startup time is from boot to the login manager. But I’m not completely sure of that, since I am currently using “gdm” and I previously used “lightdm”. I’ll eventually go back to “lightdm”.

And part of the startup slowness is KDE/Plasma 5 itself. If I login to “Icewm”, that’s very fast. But KDE startup is far slower. Maybe the update to 5.8.3 will help (it is currently sitting in the update-test repo).

i personally have switched back to Leap 42.1 after trying 42.2 for a week
my problem was the new fonts in 42.2 are extremely blurry and hurts my eyesight, i’m using gnome
https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/521105-Leap-42-2-fonts-are-small-dense-and-hurts-my-eyes-PLZ-help :’(:’(:’(