wrong driver in 11.3_update audio repository

Hi everyone!

I tried to install alsa kmp driver (have the updated kernel thru yast and because of dependencies it wanted to downgrade to default kernel ti 2.6.34-12.3

Then I looked at the repositories: - for updated kernel Index of /repositories/multimedia:/audio:/KMP/openSUSE_11.3_Update
were the same drivers as in repo - for non-updated kernel Index of /repositories/multimedia:/audio:/KMP/openSUSE_11.3

I know it works for the updated kernel on 11.4, because my friend installed the driver with np.

Anyone knows who takes care of these repos?


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OOPs looks like we have a spammer!!!

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011 16:36:02 +0000, gogalthorp wrote:

> OOPs looks like we have a spammer!!!

Best to just report it rather than reply to it.

Looks like it’s been taken care of.


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just logged in and seen replies…

Sorry for posting in wrong sub-forum.
Had a problem with dual boot, which I thankfully solved reading here, and obviously posting my audio problem here.

Can the the thread be moved? Or deleted if I violated the rules.

Still puzzled about my audio problem though…


Not your problem someone posted some span which is now removed.