wrong digest

Just installing Leap 15.4.
Can anyone tell me why I keep getting “wrong digest” messages both during the install and then when updating after the install?
Should I be concerned?


How do you install Leap 15.4?

With an DVD/Netinstall Medium?
Have you checked the downloaded ISO File with the shasum?

How do you burn it on DVD/USB?

D -> just mounting ISO as an optical device

How do you install Leap 15.4?
D -> into a virtualbox VM

With an DVD/Netinstall Medium?
D -> Full ISO

Have you checked the downloaded ISO File with the shasum?
D->yes checks out ok

How do you burn it on DVD/USB?
D -> just mounting ISO as an optical device

I have done several installs of 15.4 into a VM. I did not run into such problems.

However, when asked about using online repos during the install, I always say “no”. My preference is to install first, and update later. That avoids running into network problems during the install.

You mention “wrong digest” messages. But you never show us the actual messages. So we are left guessing.

Try updating at the command line

zypper up

and then post any error messages that you see.

Here is an example when trying to install an app;

The expected checksum of file /var/tmp/AP_0xeavkbA/x86_64/libpugixml1-1.11.4-bp154.1.78.x86_64.rpm
is 8520cf585b2a5873c3dd8e9a89a0b1953acc175d0b5e2b72b00e860cba86b60a,
but the current checksum is 7bdfc38d0501a10743751c6158503ad22f5f0bafbe85bab4667b6c308d3d4aeb.

The file has been changed by accident or by an attacker
since the repository creator signed it. Using it is a big risk
for the integrity and security of your system.

Use it anyway?

That usually indicates an out-of-date repo mirror. Best to wait a few hours, then try again.

Apparently there have been some recent problems with mirrors, which are being fixed.


January 2023 and these still haven’t gone away (This includes pretty much ALL repositories out there including the ones on the opensuse.org site(s). - Looking at 15.4 now and still giving issues.

I have seen some comments around the web to pretty much ignore these, which I find unreasonable as the checksum is there for a reason.

Nobody had any further input on this ?

Read again the last reply from nrickert. This is absolutely normal and happens from time to time that there are some intermediate syncing problems with mirrors…
Either wait some hours or pick a specific mirror URL (check if it is up to date before. Use available mirror status list for this…)

I have seen this in tumbleweed while installing from scratch. If you proceed or ignore it the installer will not install the package it is up to you to write it down and install after through the repository and to be sure make a zypper dup after. I also do what nricket does, I install first the os then enable the internet connection after and do the update.