Wrong Checksum Errors on Leap 15.5 Repository

I am seeing this today when accessing repositories via zypper and YaST:

The expected checksum of file /var/tmp/AP_0xcmQSXM/repodata/00c99a7e67dac325f1cbeeedddea3e4001a8f803c9bf43d9f50b5f1c756b0887-primary.xml.gz
is 00c99a7e67dac325f1cbeeedddea3e4001a8f803c9bf43d9f50b5f1c756b0887,
but the current checksum is ffe679bb831c95b67dc17819c63c5090d221aac6f4c7bf530f594ab43d21fa1e.

The file has been changed by accident or by an attacker
since the repository creator signed it. Using it is a big risk
for the integrity and security of your system.

Use it anyway?

An error occurred during repository initialization. [repo-update|http://download.opensuse.org/update/leap/15.5/oss/]
Valid metadata not found at specified URL History: - 00c99a7e67dac325f1cbeeedddea3e4001a8f803c9bf43d9f50b5f1c756b0887-primary.xml.gz
has wrong checksum - Can’t provide ./repodata/00c99a7e67dac325f1cbeeedddea3e4001a8f803c9bf43d9f50b5f1c756b0887-primary.xml.gz

Retrieving repository ‘Update repository of openSUSE Backports’ metadata —[|]
Warning: Digest verification failed for file ‘13c1ef790702571545d24683caaff2f3a4dd66213b44a6c4b122e589d462e31a-deltainfo.xml.gz’

expected 13c1ef790702571545d24683caaff2f3a4dd66213b44a6c4b122e589d462e31a
but got ffe679bb831c95b67dc17819c63c5090d221aac6f4c7bf530f594ab43d21fa1e

This is a common error message which always occures when you access a mirror which is only partly synced. So as usual: simply wait some time until the mirrors are synced and try again.

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