Writing a Video DVD

I have a DVD writer and a lot of MP4 files. I need to write a video-DVD with all these files. So that, I can play these mp4 files in an old DVD player that I have. Any help on how I can do this ?

I hardly doubt that your old DVD player supports the MP4 container. You should re-encode your files to AVIs with either the DivX or Xvid video so your player can play them.

Do a search for the DeVeDe application. 3.9 was just announced on freshmeat.net today.

Thanks for the replies. I will check with Devede. That sounds promising.

And yes, my dvd player cannot play mp4 files. I should explained clearly, I wanted a AVSEQ01.DAT under MPEG etc. Just like a normal DVD player that you get from a shop.

Thanks again.