Write access problems, with btrfs?


I installed leap 42.2 shortly, had 13.2 before. Today I had problems adding a printer, and in the end I found out that as root I am not able to create a folder “/test”. I get a

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/test’: Read-only file system

It works in the home folder but not in root, not in /etc or /var.
One idea is, that the system is installed with btrfs and home with xfs, as it was the default of the setup.

Who can help me?

Update: After some reboots, now creating /test is possible! Strange!

You’re aware that 42.2 is only in RC?

Yes, I know it’s RC. But because of a new grafic card, I installed it. Workded better than any other version.
Anyhow, I think this case was a hardware problem. I replaced my SATA cable. I will report if the issue happend again. I just asked, if there are any known issues in this area.

OK, today same problem again, after waking up from suspend mode.

Make sure that your root partition is not out of space – try running the following command (please post the full output):

sudo btrfs filesystem df /

Also if this issue occured with the last time you booted the computer, run the following command as well (preferably in your home directory):

sudo journalctl -b -1 > journal.txt

Upload the file that is created using something like ExpireBox and link to it.

Given that Leap 42.2 is in RC, I would not expect these kind of issues to occur (unless it’s because of something OP has done).

Problem occurred again. System started up fine. After this, I worked a bit. During writing an e-mail I got errors that e-mail can not be saved or sent. Same issue again! All folders but /home are read only.

Because of this I reinstalled 42.2 RC again on Friday. But this time, using XFS also for the system partition.
Since that time, no more problems.

This is no proof that it has anything to do with the file system. I just document my experience for you.
Because of the re-installation I can not give you any more feedback for the old installation, I’m sorry for. But fact is:

  • I had a nearly fresh installation, having the suggested 40 Gig for the system partition. I do not belief that it run out of disk space.
  • Every time the problem occurred, a restart helped (for a while).
  • I do not know what the real trigger for the problem was. Maybe a suspend to RAM is part of, but a test with a short suspend did not work to enforce the problem.