WPA interprise and 802.1X connection questions

Hi all. For one of my classes, I have to connect to either a wireless network that uses WPA, or a wired network that uses 802.1X security (the type that requires a user-name and password to connect to, I think thats the right type).

I need to know how difficult it is to do via ifup and via networkmanager. I’ve had no success in connecting to them with networkmanager yet, the wireless having problems, and networkmanager not having the options to connect to a 802.1X connection.

which is easier?

Never used 802.1x myself but I know there is a package called xsupplicant for use with 802.1x and radius servers, maybe that’s what you need?

Trickiest thing with wi-fi can be getting your adpapter’s drivers working to begin with, there’s a sticky on the Network, Wirelss section of the forum on that aspect which is very good

For WPA you will need


I have the WPA supplicant, and the Xsupplicant, but KNetworkManager still doesn’t give me any options to connect to a 802.1X connection, and it just doesn’t connect to the WPA enterprise connection, and all my login info is correct.