WOW! KDE 4.8 pre-alpha screenshot released!

The new “perspective icon” desktop feature is quite amazing!

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Gah, too late for 1st April :(.

I guess that makes me the fool ;).

Oh well, I thought the idea was quite nice, hopefully a developer will see it and a tiny seed will start to grow lol!.

Grr, I tried at least 5 times to get the stupid thumbnail with link happening, but it still doesn’t work! Sometimes it does, and sometimes it just refuses. No idea why!

It seems the suse forum keeps snipping bits out of the bb code line.

cool.i heard future of mac os would have a 3d desktop too :slight_smile:

The guys at M$ will implement this feature as soon as they can. :wink:

You certaily mean “invent” (in the same way they “invented” so many things before :-))

Think it depends on the part of the forum you’re trying to post in. Seems to be disabled in General Chit-Chat.
(Suspect due to guests being allowed to post here and preventing graphical spam?

Yes, I think you are right on the money there.

I was thinking about this overnight and came to the conclusion that that could be the case :).

Hey don`t worry that one:

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I looks very good you did very good job lol!
Du kannst es sehr gut:)