wow kde 4.1 is slow

Just wanted to get out there that I have been using kde 4.1 beta for a while now and wow is it slow to react. When I click on something I wait and wait for it to load. I know its still beta but I really hope they fix this.

I would guess you have an NVidia card?

If so, it’s a known issue to do with the closed-source driver released by NVidia. You will find other threads below yours that go through the issue. You will also find links too ; i.e. for the K Desktop Environment - KDE 4.1 RC1 Release Announcement and GPU-Performance in KDE TechBase.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

haa ha so its nvidia and not kde. I see.

I put up 4.1 RC 1 and setup the settings for a different account, went through things got it the way I liked, and I did not see slowness. But I did notice a consistent 3% for kwin. After using compiz and being used to that I was somewhat disappointed. On a still system not doing anything compiz will take up like .75% . I know its not a ton of difference, but what bothered me most is that when I was on desktop 1, and say kmail was on desktop 2, downloading email, the progress bar bouncing back and forth was eating up 15% of the cpu.

I am sure its probably the design of things, maybe the whole “screen” is split into desktops or whatever. Just seemed extravagant…


Having a 8600GT, I’ve found that running

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 -a GlyphCache=1

makes a huge difference for me. The one thing that still annoyed me, scrolling in folder-view is fast now.

While I’ve been using 4.1 for nearly a month now, and RC1 since it was released, I’m looking forwards to the final release of 4.1. I can’t honestly remember the last time I logged into 3.5.9. If someone had told me that I wouldn’t feel the need to use 3.5.9 anymore, - a couple of months ago, I would have looked at them rather oddly.

KDE 4 is finally coming of age. :slight_smile:

After doing a manual install of the drivers (it was annoying me just a tad too much one mountain dew driven all-nighter) I noticed a drastic increase in performance. The only real issue is starting dolphin and selecting files in Folder View, hopefully MaarteOS’ suggestion will remedy that for me. :slight_smile:

Edit: Holy XORGS Batman! It worked! It’s pretty darn snappy now with my 8400 GS. :slight_smile:

Yay :slight_smile: Glad that things work for others too :slight_smile: It’s something you need to run at startup, but it makes things much, much better.