wow its too much for me

lol problems! i cant think straight , were should i begin? the fact that this system still cant function with nvidia sli video setup? Repository? point it to nvidia and it still gags wow all this “easy user installation” integration is as smooth as a rusty nail in the head, so far its been no better then getting a root canal procedure. I’d rather have someone drip HCl acid on my arm slowly for the next 5 hours then try to get the opensuse 11.1 running on my system. All i can hope for now is some way to uninstall these useless installations on my systems so I can recover some hard-rive space for my system. Failsafe is the only aspect of openSUSE that works and thats not saying much. What are they thinking?

I really wanted this to work but out of the package it fails? what can I say? blanks screens are not help I’m not that proficient in any Linux platform to wok at this. what gives?

what gives?

Who would know? Are you actually asking for help? Very little useful info was supplied that would enable anyone to provide any useful help. Good luck with uninstalling.

@bdema: Couldn’t we make some kind of frusti-corner? No we couldn’t.

And if you’d rather have HCl dripping on you, find your way to the chemists instead of the openSUSE forum. I pity your environment.