WoW downloader and Repair tool

When I try to use the Blizzard Downloader it says I cannot connect to the servers. The same happens when I try to use the repair.exe. I don’t know if I can even connect to the servers (WoW character servers). What would be causing this?

Are you running Wow with wine? What is your game version?

Yes, I’m running WoW with Wine.

It’s not so much the current game version, but the fact that I cannot connect to any server to update it. Or to use the repair tool.

Start both downloader/updater from console and paste here the output - maybe there is some bug with wine in 11.1. Is it 11.1?
Why don’t you use pathes to update your Wow - it works from wine.

Ok now I have a new error once I worked around the one before, I am unable to patch. The Blizzard Updater doesn’t move in percent, then it says that it’s unable to patch due to an unexpected file size or something.

This is from a patch from multiple sources.

If your system is 11.0 then the problem is with Wow installation. Delete it completly and reinstall. Are you installed it to a Windows partition or to your Linux partition?
I haven’t tested Wow on 11.1 so it’s possible that there is a bug - take a look to