Would like to have Namoroka in 11.4

I’ve been having some problems get Firefox to sync across different OSes and across different computers. To solve these problems (so far) I’ve been deleting the .mozilla folder in one os (in which Firefox sync won’t sync) and then copying and pasting in place of the deleted .mozilla folder, a .mozilla folder from another os. Been working just fine.

Firefox Sync syncs just fine (relatively speaking) in this fresh 11.4 install, but few of the add-ons I’m accustomed to will work in Firefox 4. I’m not sure about using my normal solution because I see that 11.4 has a firefox folder and a .mozilla folder that contains a firefox file. If I replace the .mozilla folder, what am I to do with the firefox folder?

Further, on all my other OSes, I have both Firefox 3.6 (or Namoroka) and Firefox 4 (or Minefield). I don’t seem to have both options here in 11.4. Can that be done, and if so, how?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

By the way, in a word, 11.4 is just MARVELOUS.

I’m struggling a little to grasp you situation.
But this is what I do:
I keep a master copy of my .mozilla backed up regularly and I use this on all my installs.
Inside .mozilla there is then a folder firefox, because .mozilla is used by other browsers like seamonkey
Your actual profile/s is/are in the firefox folder

AFAIK FF4 uses the same .mozilla folder and has for some time (I think in the very early dev stages it didn’t)
Though you can actually install both FF3 and FF4, they use the same .mozilla

Thank you, Caf4926. The information will go into my “file 13” (where it will help the fermentation process of arriving at understanding – I hope).

While I do have my favorite distros, I tend to alleviate a lot of boredom by distro-hopping (I never get bored enough to read Linux Command Line Basics, though). Thus, I’ve used the directions you gave me around a year ago in How to load kernel? well over a hundred times. I know it by heart. Thank you very much.

I’m kind of hazy on exactly what the Firefox sync problem is. It seems like when I started using it, Weave synced with a user name, password, and pass phrase. At some point (I think around, last September), Firefox Sync began requesting the user name, password, and a sync key that it generated (I made that discovery last November when the pass phrase no longer worked). In an attempt to recoup my firefox history from before September, I booted a custom live cd of a running os that I had made with remastersys last April and tried to integrate that profile with my current post-September history by using the sync key. Well, drat!, that didn’t work I guess because that profile didn’t recognize the sync key.

But, to add insult to injury, that Firefox profile from last April (on the custom live cd) did communicate to the Firefox sync server that the sync key is not valid. So, then, and now, the sync key doesn’t work at all anywhere.

Earlier today (after I started this thread, but before I read your reply) after successfully installing 11.4 with a dvd (my first 11.4 installed with a live cd wouldn’t update with the gui because of some internal error and zypper kept citing some segmentation error and I got tired of searching and googling), when I went to my other computer (which I’m using now, but that’s another thread) to do what mozilla support says to do to add another computer, it didn’t work the way mozilla says it should. After more googling and searching the mozilla knowledge base and posting in its forum and hoping that one of it’s volunteers would read it before next week, I did not know what to do. At the end of my resources, my Higher Power suggested that I try the old pass phrase. Guess what? It works.

I afraid this sync business isn’t something I would put my trust in.And I mean that in more that one way.

If we can be of any more assist, feel free to ask