would it work on new hardware

I just bought a notebook dv6 2005ax from hp which came with win 7 preloaded, however I created partitions and left 30gb free space for open suse 11.2 which would be released next,my doubt is , would I be able to install on it, its got amd M500 2.2gz cpu and 1gb hd4650 gfx card and amd 780 or some newer chipset,

as I tried latest sabayon5 which failed to boot,even opensolaris, however linux gamers dvd did boot,it was not able to load drivers for gfx card.

I would think openSUSE would work on it, the major pain is having a ATI card as ATI support in linux is poor at best thanks to ATI dragging its feet (and AMD as AMD owns ATI)
Its worth a shot in any case, but you should have gone Nvidia, or even intel.

No, no Intel either. They perform lousy on windu systems as well.

anyways I have to try once 11.2 is out on thursday.