Would it be wise to install OS10 now?

even though OS11 is going to be release, relatively soon? or is there a way yast can update? am i going to have to re-download and install all over again?
…sorry if its newbish… im coming from fedora!:shame:

openSUSE 10.0 was a long time ago and is no longer supported. Too many changes have taken place since then to do an upgrade to openSUSE 11.1. It would be a nightmare. Do a clean install.

Also upgrading from 11.0 to 11.1 itself is not without problems. Just try the 11.1 live CD first. The DVD is good but has a lot of extra stuff which i never really use. for example, GIMP was not included in the 11.0 live CD. in order to get that, i download 20MB as opposed to 3.5 GB extra stuff of KDE, XFCE etc. (speaking for gnome, of course).
i myself dual boot opensuse 11 and fedora 10. they both work well for me.

Oh my god. I know this is off topic but I want to commend you for typing: “they both work well” instead of “they both work good.” Thank you for not murdering the English language :smiley:

Back on subject, I agree with viperskunk and the previous poster about waiting to install. There’s no sense installing the old OS and then spending hours to days upgrading it. I hope you like it though. I’m in the process of downloading KDE4 right now (was on GNOME) and that alone is taking long enough :slight_smile:

I just happen to be ready to install a new system, so I decided to postpone until 11.1 is released.

I do so, however, with substantial misgivings, as 11.0 had a worrying amount of disconnects between dependencies. A number of products (Asterisk, for instance) were flagged “available” on the OpenSuSE sanctioned install resources but failed due to missing libraries or other dependent components.

I found it in various groupware offerings as well, and in the end I concluded that going above an average LAMP + Samba stack was clearly not a focus point (worth noting that OpenSuSE does that specific bit rather well). I think I gave up on bug reporting after I saw this observation spread on a number of forums, it wasn’t worth spending the time.

So, in short I’m about to do with Linux what Microsoft wants you to do: upgrade in the hope of improvement. I do not enjoy being in that position, but I still have an expectation of improvement over “we need to sell this as a new version” gadgetry - there is no other way to explain Microsoft’s dramatic GUI changes. I never had something so comprehensively destroy productivity under the pretext of doing the opposite :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’d prefer to stick with KDE 3.5 if possible. At least that had a lot of supporting apps. KDE4 is a bit, umm, bare. And in the “let’s install a server” department it would be nice if it was possible by default to nuke graphics enabled consoles. Any HP server will happily stop you from accessing the box via the ILO console, just because it doesn’t run the expected VGA mode…

In the hope of betterment, I wish you all Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!