Would it be wise to go from KDE 3 to 4?

I am running openSUSE 10.3 with KDE 3 Can I upgrade to KDE 4 something or is it even wise to do so? I like KDE 4 as I have it running in openSUSE 11.1. However, I am running 10.3 because it will run programs i need that will not perform in 11.1. What if anything will be trashed or altered if I upgrade? Has anyone had experience with this?

Actually truth be told KDE 4 seems more of a downgrade then a upgrade at this point, despite its flashy effects and interface it lacks a lot of features I like using in KDE3.

KDE 4.2.1 has been less than wonderful or stable on the two openSuSE 11.1 installs I have tried it on. I am using KDE 3.5 on both systems now. 3.5 is stable and does what I expect in way I expect it too. Having the whole desktop crash or lock up while doing normal things is for the birds.

For what do you need 10.3? You can have KDE3.5 and KDE4.2 side by side in openSUSE. There are very few differences between KDE3.5 on openSUSE 11.1 and openSUSE 10.3 except that YaST is so much better.

I started with KDE3.5 on 11.1 and then added 4.2 when it came out; I can use the couple of KDE3 programs I need quite satisfactorily under KDE4.2.

I would give it a go:-

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_10.3

I was never keen on 4.1 (just loved 3.5) but 4.2.1 is very good and I wouldn’t go back to 3.5 now

The openSUSE developers have done a great job integrating KDE4 into openSUSE. IMHO it is problematic in 11.0. It’s about there now in 11.1. And I hope it will be great in 11.2.

Integration is important if you want a bug free, workable result.

AFAIK, serious integration of KDE4 into 10.3 hasn’t happened. So I wouldn’t use KDE4 in 10.3 if I was using 10.3 for my everyday operating system.

One week ago I would have been with swerdna completely. But, just for a little fun experiment I decided to switch back to KDE3 for a week. To decide after two days that the week was over. I’m still confused about how fast KDE4 has found it’s way in my workflow. As I missed my konqueror in the beginning of KDE4, I felt disabled without Dolphin, Okular and the way things run. IMHO KDE4 is definitely there. To enjoy.

A valid viewpoint – but I was emphasising how KDE4 would perform in 10.3 (or more to the point, probably would perform quite badly).

Thanks for all of the replies. I don’t think I will be toying with the 10.3 sys. Frankly I love 11.1 and KDE 4, however, I am very frustrated with not being able to use my webcam in linux (I can with 10.3) and “Symphony” doesn’t seem to work in 11.1 64bit, although I can live with out that. Thanks again for your input.

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