Worst movie ever

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I just gotta say that Howard’s End was far and away the worst movie I’ve ever had to suffer through watching.

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You than missed Pippi Longstocking from the 70’s. I had to take my youngest sister and her friends to that first movie as a Birthday event and I have not yet recovered.

Starcrash (1978)

Best performance in this movie… is by 'Hoff.

Enough said :wink:

I vote for Zoolander as the worst movie ever. Well, maybe not the worst ever, but it was really, bad. Ben Stiller either seems to hit or miss, with nothing in the middle.

Can’t remember the name, but it was a B-movie about Hercules/Heracles and Greek Mythology. Except they got the mythology thing all mixed up and ended up fighting robots with lasers… lol. Really bad movie, but me&my brother laughed SO hard with it. :rolleyes:

i think worst movie ever was dead or alive. that’s awful! or maybe that old ‘horror’ movie bats. who knows, some films are so bad they are funny. i think the worst ones are those which are bad, but not sooo bad they are funny.

Worst movie i’ve seen lately and probably of all time was slipstream, it has some good actors in it but omg it was bad

worst movie ever for me was Eternal Blood. It was so bad I had to laugh and cry at the same time. The storyline and performance was just unbelievable bad

Oh, I just can’t really decide, which movie is worst, but I think, that most of the movies made by Uwe Boll are extremely bad.

I agree, Uwe Boll movie’s are really really bad. I just recently saw one ummm think it was In The Name Of The King and it basically sucked! Waste of time.

And I think, that this is one of his better works:eek:

AvP 2. Totally, like, sucks0rz. Pitch black with some vague shadows moving.

The only positive thing about this movie is explanation of linkage between Weyland and Yutani, which along with the AvP1 (which was super excellent, regardless of its PG13 rating) explains how the Company knew about the xenomorph when they encountered them on LV-426.

Yeah, I agree. AVP2 sucked big time. The acting was horrible and the storyline was mediocre. They totally blew this movie. I had high hopes for it. :frowning:

casting my vote for Tremors 2, 3 and 4 (I’d say the original Tremors too, but I have a softspot for Reba McIntyre) :slight_smile: -joe

I rather liked the original Tremors…campy enough to be funny, but I agree about the sequels…they sucked.

I’ve got to say 300 seems a film that divided a few but for me it was terrible. I watched it out of shock trying to see why so many people liked it.

The dialog seemed cheesy beyond funny, the acting came across wooden, all in all a real let down for me.

The English Patient. I just remember walking out of the theater and seeing all the women mopping their eyes with tissues, while all us poor hapless guys were looking dazed and saying WTF was that all about?

“Quest For Fire”. 'Nuff said.

“Oh Brother, Where art Thou”. The only movie I ever thought about getting up and leaving in the middle of.

“Oh Brother, Where art Thou”. The only movie I ever thought about getting up and leaving in the middle of.

Ya know, I almost agree with you on that one…but I have to admit, when George Clooney (sp?) was in shackles and standing in that box car introducing himself then getting pulled out when his comrads fell, I laughed out loud.