Workspace Switcher bugged after gnome 2.32 upgrade.

After doing the upgrade per this thread my gnome panel gets bugged when the workspace switcher applet is attached to it.

Also the Cairo Dock bugs out with the workspace switcher applet attached to it. I can change desktops with key commands fine. It would just be nice if this could be fixed. I am sticking with gnome 2.32 because of my affinity with Evolution which performs better in 2.32.

If anyone has any ideas on this I sure would like to hear them! :slight_smile:

rpm -qa | grep libgtk2

Check if it’s version 2.22… in case it’s not (most likely 2.20), you need to update it. Easier way is probably going through YaST2 and go to GNOME:STABLE:2.32 repo and install that version of gtk2.

I Replied on wrong thread let’s keep talking here. :wink:
My version of libgtk-2_0-0 is 2.22.1-1.1

This appears to have been fixed in today’s 2.32 gnome patch.