Working with SVN repos: where's the repo?


This is my AppImage PyMOL package: The problem is that the build fails at this line of the YAML:

  - python2 install --prefix=${BUILD_APDIR}/usr ; find $BUILD_APPDIR/

because I assumed the script: part of the YAML would run in the SVN repo copy. See earlier on in the YAML I have this line:

    - svn://

and I thought the script: commands would be run in where this repo had been copied to. I’ve tried building the YAML locally and I ran:

sudo find /var/tmp/build-root/AppImage-x86_64 -name "pymol"


sudo find /var/tmp/build-root/AppImage-x86_64 -name "trunk"

in the hope it would show me where the repo was copied and both returned nothing, absolutely nothing. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?

Thanks for your time,