Working with Mac OS X

I want to install Tumbleweed on my MAC using Parallels. Problem is that once I D/L the iso and burn it to the DVD then the man doesn’t recognize the DVD. It says the disk is unreadable. And I can’t load it to Parallels. Anyone know what I can do?


I don’t use Parallels,
But most vitualization supports reading an ISO directly in a virtual CDROM without burning the ISO to disk.
If I were to guess, you don’t have a virtual CDROM configured to be connected when your Guest is started, so the error message means your virtual hard disk is empty (after all, you haven’t installed anything yet).

You can also test the DVD you burned in any machine, the following can be done safely without damaging your installed system… Just don’t choose "Install…"
Boot to the DVD (may require a BIOS boot order setting), boot to the first graphical screen. You should then be able to self-verify the DVD (it will compare hashes to verify integrity).