Working with Lazarus as user

I have installed Lazarus , but I have a small issue.
Lazarus is installed in the /usr/bin/lazarus and in the /usr/lib64/lazarus directories.
When I work with it, as a normal user (from my HOME directory , it needs to make back up directories, but the system reports permissions errors.
How can I make lazarus a member of the root Group or give permissions to it so it does not happen? I have the same problem with other programms


Are you talking about Lazarus IDE?
In general, development is done with elevated permissions, so you should already have root permissions to do anything needed.

How are you launching the IDE? From a menu, and if so are you prompted to enter your root password, If you’re not prompted, maybe your shortcut should be configured to launch with elevated permissions (procedure will depend on your Desktop and/or Window Manager).

I personally launch my development tools from a root console which automatically applies root permissions and hardly ever use a Menu shortcut…


This is a good suggestion I will do it