Working on dual monitor

How can I setup one picture on 2 monitor?.
Please could be someone be so kind and helping me out.:’(

Thank you your be so nice to resolve the problem.



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Start the YaST control center and go to

Mark the ‘Activate dual head mode’ checkbox. Hit the configure button
and set the Monitor and resolution to reflect the settings you want to
run the secondary monitor at.

When you’re done hit ok and you’ll need to restart the x-server, you
can do this by rebooting. (Quite sure log in / log out should do the
trick as well, but not 100% sure).

You can do the same via “nvidia-settings”, hitting the detect monitor
button and clicking the square representing a monitor, then hit the
configure button and set it to “Twin view”, apply the changes and you’re

(You only need to do one or the other)

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