WordPress FTP Not Working


I have 12.1 installed on a development server and installed Word Press 3.3.1. I was able to set that up with no issues, however, I ran into a snag updating modules or uploading a new theme in that FTP does not seem to work. (I have vsftpd installed and configured.) When I go to update, it asks me to fill in the blanks with hostname, user, password, and when I do, the middle part of the screen goes white, but the WP tool bars (both top and side) remain intact and accessible. Nothing updates.

Is this something within WP I need to dig around and fix or something with the FTP side of the house?

I have done as much as I can think of (including disabling the firewall) and have no joy as of yet.

Thank you in advance for your help!


> …]
> Is this something within WP I need to dig around and fix or something
> with the FTP side of the house?

As always with this type of problem you will have to find out first, what
the actual problem is. You say so yourself, but that is nothing someone else
can do for you.
Start by checking the ftp servers log file, raise verbosity if required. Try
to find out if the server is contacted at all, processes correctly. And
check the files meant to be up/downloaded. ARE they up- or downloaded ?
If that is all working fine chances are good that you have a problem with
wordpress. If the ftp part is not working fine you have a problem on the ftp
side, client or server based.

folks all over have a blog on some hosted web site on the other side of
the world…

so, you have WP is on a server which is running a ftpd which is there to
‘catch’ the ftp info you send to it from an ftp client on any machine in
the world which is connected to the net…

and, you trying to update the WP content on your server via ftp protocol
from a different/distant machine, correct?

or, what are you trying to do?

and, in what application are you doing it when the “the screen goes white”??

and, does it stay white until you shut down the system? you have to do
what to clear the fault and shutdown?

the server is running what operating system and version?

the distant machine is running what operating system and version

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Are you perhaps refering to this FTP plugin of Wordpress described here?

WordPress › Easy FTP Upload

If so you should follow the installation and configurations instructions of that plugin as it’s effectively part of WP and nothing to do with the distro.

Remember to test it with a local client before progressing to a remote client.

(Even if you are not and you really mean vsftpd, you may find it more useful to use the WP FTP plugin simply because you will find WP users who know how to configure it, whereas gluing vsftpd and WP may be trickier.)

Okay, it appears I need to clarify a little bit…

I am able to FTP from another computer on my network to the dev server with no issues. So I am fairly certain that eliminates the potential vsftpd issue I thought might exist.

To answer the question, the development server is in my facility and it has WordPress installed on it. I was able to install WP with no problem (with the exception of having to manually create the wp-config file instead of the installer automatically doing this). When I logged in as the admin, it notified me that there was one module (Akismet) that needed updating. When I try to update, it pops up a screen asking for FTP credentials. I assumed this was the way it downloads and handles updates within the system, although I do not recall having to do that with other installations I have done with WP, so I am somewhat perplexed by this. At any rate, it is not a plugin; this is vanilla WP 3.3.1 - no plugins yet.

DenverD, the “screen going white” bit I mentioned may have been unclear or easy to misunderstand. The entire screen does not go white, just the specific area within the browser. I still have the ability to navigate away from there into other parts of WP and the ribbon across the top of the WP installation remains, there is simply nothing in the middle part. Perhaps frame is a more appropriate word to use. The frame to the right of the admin panel navigation and below the ribbon across the top. That goes white and nothing happens after I input FTP credentials to attempt to update a plugin.

I apologize for not replying quicker; for some reason I was not receiving e-mail notifications of your replies.

I thank you all in advance for your help.


I think that message about upload by FTP doesn’t imply that WP is configured to handle FTP whether by vsftpd or FTP plugin. It’s a bit confusing, I agree. I also get this message but I update plugins by dropping the latest package in the plugins directory and unzipping.

Ken, I am not going to lie to you, the thought had not even crossed my mind to do it that way. lol! Sometimes I get a bit blinded by “it is supposed to work this way” instead of simply dropping the updated package.