Wordpress crash on update to 15.3

I recently updated my server from Leap 15.2 to 15.3. Shortly thereafter my Wordpress blog came up with the white screen of death. The Wordpress file structure looks OK – that is, it was working before the upgrade. Ditto for the database. Any suggestions?

Steps to diagnose:

  1. Look at your web servers error_log ( /var/log/apache2/error_log or /var/log/nginx/error.log )
  2. Everything else.

Without seeing what’s there, it’s impossible to guess. Could be permission error, php running out of memory and myriad of other issues.

The apache2 log seems normal, just noting restarts weeks ago. The problem is the same for three other websites running wordpress on the server. So it seems that there is either a php or mysql (mariadb) problem – or both. Yet php works for the portion of the site(s) that do not run wordpress. Mysql commands work well by themselves, although phpMyAdmin also doesn’t run on the websites. I notice that there is no phpMyAdmin version for Leap 15.3 so apparently my update involves breaking something that was working in Leap 15.2.

Enable display_errors on your website (display_errors=on in /etc/php7/apache/php.ini and restart apache2) and see what the output is when you try to open your site.

Most likely it’s either a permission issue, missing module or something is incompatible with newer PHP.

Did you have 7.2 or 7.4 running on your older install?

I think it was running PHP 7.4.2. but it may have been running 7.2.x. I also find that phpMyAdmin won’t run so there’s no easy way to see if it’s database error. I am not a mysql/Maria expert.