Wonton Soup icons missing or not visible


can you please check the window stamp below?


With “Wonton Soup” color theme from Plasma 5 settings, in the main toolbar and also in resources on the left pane icons are not displayed.

How can people fix it?

Thank you.


I get some error from a this site.

Maybe better use http://paste.opensuse.org/

I can’t login with OpenID. Should I create a new account just for pasting the link?
Here is the link in plain text:



IMHO all openSUSE/SUSE sites use the same accounts. Thus, no you are not required to create a new accoount. Use the same one as here.

When I allow all sorts of scripts from several Google sites that apparently are involved with this site, I do get the picture displayed. But I realy do not like it to allow third party sites to run scripts on my system. Particularly not if they are from Google.


ok I see, all clear thanks.

I managed to create the link (forget about my first test). Here is the link, you should see the image:


P.S. In case of future posts, which is the recommended “Delete After” period?

Thank you


Isn’t there a “never delete”? :wink:

Ah ok, that’s fine. I asked for it, in order not to use space in you server/forum.
All clear.



anybody can help with this issue? Any hint?


I think the problem is that the icons are black (or dark grey) and therefore are just not visible on that background color.

Try to set a different icon theme, “Breeze dark” e.g., which is designed for dark backgrounds.

So, I have to change theme to solve it…
Did devs test the theme, after they developed it? :wink:
Thanks wolfi for reply.


But it’s obvious that a certain icon theme cannot look good with all possible color combinations.
That’s why they offer two official ones, Breeze and Breeze Dark.

If it do not work, you can try deleting the icon cache like on this thread : https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/513144-Missing-Icons-on-Plasma5-notifications-image-attached