Wont let you login if NTP server is on and no internet connection.

I don’t know if this is a problem or a feature but I have used many distros and never had this problem till now. Whenever I boot Tumbleweed with no internet connection it will not allow me to even get the login screen it tries to endlessly sync with the NTP server. If i go into yast and turn off the NTP server and set my clock to hardware I can login in fine without an internet connection. This is only a problem if your internet ISP goes down and you want to use your computer or you have a laptop and take it to another location. Again I fixed the problem by turning off the NTP server and setting my clock to hardware clock. I can see lots of issues for people just trying out the distro for the first time. Plus I would like a more accurate clock than my hardware clock.

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If you wait 10 minutes it will, it’s a bug, see this thread for a work-a-round;

Ok so I found the offline mode for NTP server in YAST but it wont save my configuration.

Chrony is replacing NTP so it is not a surprise that Yast does not configure it. If you still have NTP from old installs remove it. Be sure chrony is installed and active. Note that chrony-wait modual has been reported as the actual problem in long boot times disabling should fix that. But NTP should not be running or even installed. It just adds to the confusion.

NTP is protocol. Chrony does not replace NTP - it implements NTP.

Sorry NTP(d)