Wont install

I installed openSuse 11 on my HP laptop with dual boot with Vista, all worked ok and the instalation was clean enought

Yesturday i tryed to install it on my pc, using the same DVD

Created a 13 Gb partition and 3Gb partition for swap

It started install ok but almost on the end of install packages it fails

It says that fails to install some packages

Then it go to a wheird screen wish let me boot to other system or install again etc…

I dont understand what went wrong :S

Its possible you were simply “lucky” with the first install, and extermely fortunate that it did not fail there as well.

Did you follow the advice in this stickie:
NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums


  • compare iso file calculated md5sum against the openSUSE website md5sum?
  • compare md5sum of the cd/dvd you burned, against the md5sum of the openSUSE web site?
  • burn to high quality media at the slowest speed your burner allows?
  • porf,

did you check the installation media?